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TOPTEST test systems

Round Table Test System

Why a test system as a circular table?

The requirement was to develop a test system which can take very different test and programming times so that the hardware used can be used as best as possible.

The implementation as a round table

The round-table test system checks several basic functions and programs the components by means of a Vector-CAN connection. In addition, two mechanical manipulations and tests are carried out. The round table has an input and output compartment for manual feeding and removal of the test items. It has 12 positions, each equipped with slides and at the respective positions the test pieces travel outwards to the test stations. Due to different tests and programming procedures, some stations are duplicated. The round table itself can also rotate when the slides are at the stations. This makes it possible to virtually eliminate the handling times as the flash programming takes more time than loading and unloading two test pieces. The whole process is controlled by LabVIEW. All sensors and traversing components are controlled via a PLC. The rotary table motor has its own PLC.