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DrillView is used to create and display test point plans from CAD data

  • DrillView was developed by Toptest for easy visualisation and creation of fixture-drilling data, test point plans, as well as support for wiring.
  • Flexible and programmable filters allow reading and processing of almost all netlist data formats.
  • The X, Y coordinates and identifiers of the test points are displayed in actual size 1:1 format. Printout via Windows printer driver is also in 1:1 format.
  • The test points are shown for all freely definable drill sizes.
  • Multi-board orientation and numbering can be freely defined.
  • The separation between neighbouring test points is calculated, and can be displayed in the case of a proximity conflict. The acceptable separation threshold is definable. This check avoids problems during fixture manufacture.
  • A demo version without memory capability can be downloaded.

Download of the demo version

Toptest Softwaretool DrillView
Toptest Softwaretool DrillView
Toptest Softwaretool DrillView